How to make the most of summer holidays


How can I make the most effective use of my summer holiday? As high schools in the northern hemisphere close for the summer, this is a question on the mind of many students and parents.
Many families choose summer camps to help student explore interests as well as to grow socially and emotionally. If you’re looking for summer camps at this stage, you may find that it is too late to enrol at the more popular ones.
Registration for many in demand camps took place when days were still short, dark and cold. As the saying goes, early bird gets the worm. Of course it is still possible to find good options if you’re flexible in terms of camp theme, location and dates.
Summer camps, however, are not the only way for you to have a meaningful summer experience.


The following are some other options:


    1. Volunteer for a good cause

    The long days of summer are a good time to help others in your community. Whatever cause you choose, you will strengthen your community as well as individuals you serve. You will also learn a lot. Understanding your community’s needs helps foster empathy, self-efficacy and develop skills that may be useful in your future career. In fact, volunteering is a good way to test out a career interest. You may even meet your future boss while volunteering.


    2. Get work experience

    We often hear students complain that they cannot get work because they don’t have work experience. Summer is a good time to gain valuable experience, and to see if that office job you aspire to is a good fit. You may not be working on corporate strategy on day one, but you’ll definitely be doing something that is necessary to further your career. Volunteering is a good way to gain insight on world of work.


    3. Prepare for university

    Summer is a great time to research academic programs and universities that may be a good match for you. It is also the perfect time to begin work on personal statements and, if you’re thinking of applying to American universities, to prepare for the dreaded SAT and/or ACT tests. Go on campus tours. They offer a great way to see if the university feels right for you. For many American universities, demonstrated interest is an important factor when reviewing applications. Taking care of these tasks now will save you from having to juggle them while studying for classes during the school year.

We’ll throw in a bonus suggestion.


    4. Find a hobby

    And no, watching Netflix is not a hobby. Get off the couch and try something new. Join that art class you always wanted to take. Grab a friend and learn to sail. You’ve always enjoyed watching Mixed Martial Arts on TV. Why not sign up for lessons? Whatever you do, it’s bound to be fun and help you de-stress and relax.

VerveSmith helps students find universities and programs that match their aspirations, and to develop an admissions application strategy. For additional help, contact us.

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