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Independent, personalized advice

Our service approach seeks to help students and parents identify boarding schools, colleges and universities that “fit” – educationally, socially and emotionally. To help students make good matches, all consultations begin with a self-assessment. The process enables students to better define themselves and to determine what really matters to them.


The VerveSmith process helps students identify academic as well as personal goals. Establishing clear goals helps students focus through their high school years and beyond. As we move through the various stages of our collaboration, we explain the nuances of the various admissions processes, what institutions are looking for, and how students can position themselves for admission to their top-choice schools.


Whether we meet in person or meet online, our mission remains the same: to empower you to select schools and programs that match your academic, social and personality preferences.

Our services include:

  • Research on schools that are a best fit as opposed to the best school;
  • Advising on academic program selection;
  • Standardized testing advice and scheduling;
  • Creation of a personalized admissions strategy;
  • Admission application strategy;
  • Preparation for campus visits and interviews;
  • Management of the application process;
  • Review and advice to strengthen admission application essays;
  • Guidance to aid in school selection.


Admission is not always based solely on grades. Many schools take a holistic approach in their evaluation. These schools consider extra-curricular activities, personal interests and other factors. VerveSmith’s approach enables you to identify and leverage your strengths and interests. We integrate academic counseling, research services, and academic support so you can apply with confidence.

Collaboration with high school counselors

Collaboration with high school counselling services team


Does this mean that we don’t have to consult with the school guidance counselor?

Educational consultants do not replace the school’s guidance counselor. It’s true that an educational consultant provides more personalized service than that offered by your school’s guidance office; however, it’s important to understand that your school counselor continues to play a vital role in the admission application process. You should think of your educational consultant as another member of your planning team, through collaboration we help your child achieve her or his educational goals.

What are the benefits of working with an educational consultant?

Many high schools have high guidance counselor to student ratios. Currently Teo consults at a school with a student to counselor ratio of 442:1. This can make it difficult for some students to get personalized, ongoing advice on the post-secondary admissions process. While an educational consultant does not replace the school guidance counselor, a consultant can serve as a guide to the university admissions process, thereby helping students and parents feel less stressed, better prepared, and more confident.


Policy on working with counselling offices and educational agents

Service Policy: Working with Secondary School Counselling Offices and Agents


VerveSmith – Independent Educational Consultants complements the work of high school counselors and education agents. For the benefit of our clients, our goal is to foster an environment of complete transparency and collegiality with these partners. We encourage families to advise the high school counselling office as well as educational agents (if one has been contracted) of our working relationship, and to facilitate an introduction, unless the family would like to maintain our relationship confidential.


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