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Private Counselling: Post-secondary planning

Manage the High School Years

Grades 9 and 10 are critically important in planning for post-secondary studies. During these years students focus on building and refining the core academic skills of receiving, recording, analyzing, and interpreting information. Students also develop the confidence to take risks scholastically as they explore a variety of academic disciplines and interests. They also begin to discover their passions and strengths.

The aim of our post-secondary planning program is to guide students – as well as their families – to maximize available educational and extra-curricular opportunities. The amount of time required depends on the student’s grade, desired post-secondary programs as well as other individual requirements.

VerveSmith’s post-secondary planning program begins with an assessment and is supplemented by one-on-one meetings.

Post-secondary planning

The following are some thematic areas covered as part of our consultations:

  • Explore long-term personal and academic goals;
  • Review personal curriculum and provide advice on course selection;
  • Assess extra-curricular record and suggest how to maximize opportunities, including summer programs, internships and employment;
  • Assist in identifying opportunities for leadership development;
  • Help schedule standardized tests (PSAT/SAT/ACT);
  • Survey the latest trends and issues in university admission process and advise on how they may affect your student’s plans; and
  • Suggest how to get the most out of the high school guidance office.

The outcome of our consultation is a personalized pathway for reaching your educational goals.

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