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Private Counselling: Post-secondary Options


In grade 11, it is especially important for students to explore post-secondary options. A more focused exploration provides context for important decisions to be made heading into their final high school year. Choices made regarding electives can and do reverberate into grade 12 and beyond.

Counselling focuses on educating students and families on the post-secondary admissions processes, developing a list of schools to which to apply, and empowering the student by providing the information required to make optimal university application decisions.

Our consultations begin in the spring/summer preceding grade 12. Most counselling consultations occur between March of grade 11 and October of grade 12 in order to be prepared in advance of application deadlines.

Our collaboration includes:

  • Develop a customized university search and application plan;
  • University Fit Assessment and research universities that match the profile;
  • Explanation of the “reach,” “match,” and “safety” university approach, and explanation of university selectivity ratings;
  • Review universities under consideration and develop an application plan;
  • Identify additional “good fit” universities for consideration;
  • Explain how to make the most of university tours and assistance preparing visit schedule;
  • Identify universities to “apply to”;
  • Review finances, scholarship and financial aid options;
  • Develop application strategy, including, for those applying to U.S. universities, an evaluation of pros and cons of Early Decision/Early Action options;
  • Feedback regarding the student’s resume, extra-curricular activities list, and other supplementary material to be submitted as part of applications;
  • Provide interview improvement tips and conduct mock interviews;
  • Brainstorm topics and review of application essays and personal statements;
  • Advice on requesting teacher recommendations;
  • Guidance on responding to admission offers; and,
  • Suggestions for a successful transfer to university.


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