Individualized attention and support

My educational experience has been anything but average. I live in the United States yet have been in a French school, studying the French curriculum, my whole life. The college counselors at school did not have enough time to help me find a school that fit all of the criteria that I wanted met. So without much research, they recommended schools that fit a large variety of people.

Teo took the time to understand who I am as an individual and found schools that he and I felt would really suit me. He helped me figure out what kind of student I am, and what kind of work environment best suits me. I knew that I wanted to study science, and fishing through a plethora of schools and programs was something I needed help with.

When all of my applications were sent in, I felt confident that I had made the right choices, and had covered all of my bases. I always had someone to make sure all of my things were in order, to call if I was stressing out about a deadline, or to email if I was struggling with writing an essay. The college application and acceptance experience would have been very difficult for me, and I don’t know what I would have done without Teo’s guidance.

— Sophie, New York City (USA)
Currently at Queen’s University

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